Myles Lorènzo

A functional unisex streetwear brand created in partnership with Luis Lorènzo Gonzales which aims to explore untold narratives and contemporary structuralism.


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Concept Statement –

Where there is difference there is identity, and where there is identity there is difference. The Margin collection is part of a journey to unity. Embracing the Dionysaic aspects of life, “reaching out beyond personality, everyday life, society, reality, across the abyss of transience.” Capturing the tension of otherness, and allowing the people to disrupt the structures built to set us apart from one another.

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Process –

All of the Margin collection was hand-dyed, cut, and sewed by my partner Luis and myself. We felt that creating our own clothing by hand would allow us to have a more emotional connection to our garments and audience. In addition, as part of our first collection, we wanted to show our dichotomy as designers (particularly in regards to his work in fabrics and my experience in graphic design). Regardless of the medium, we wanted to express that — as designers — we could transcend those boundaries by learning each other's skills and processes as we worked our way through the collection.




Print Material –

In anticipation of the collection's debut show, we created a lookbook that presented the collection in full, while further explaining the collection concept. Postcards were also printed as promotional print material.


Packaging –

Our packaging was made of translucent recyclable bags, a material we felt  spoke to the utilitarian aspect of the collection. Values and keywords that guided the theme of our collection were screen-printed on the bags as reminders for what the collection stands for. Hanging tags and labels were also applied to the clothing, reiterating the collection's concept statement alongside instructions for garment care. 

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The Clothing –

Our pieces are meant to fit different types of bodies, ultimately designed to be unisex and breathable for spring and summer months. As inspiration, we looked at how ancient Japanese and Egyptian cultures cut their clothing to fit both the male and female body. In making the clothing, we sourced fibers like Rayon, Cotton, and Linen because of their fluidity, durability and cooling capabilities.





 Concept Statement – Round 2 

The Omni collection is the second installment of Myles Lorènzo journey of education, appreciation, and celebration through a showcase of the traditional Javanese fabric: the Batik. For our second collection, we aim to provide space for the narrative of the fabric's untold origins and history in order to combat — and ultimately work to reverse— the erasure of its Asian roots.

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Photos Shot By Jose Rodriguez
– @jarh




As a fabric and fabric style passed through so many hands — the Batik first appeared most prominently in India (South Asia) before passing to Indonesia (Southeast Asia), where it was finally traded by the colonial Dutch powers to West Africa — the Batik has evolved to embody the styles of each country that's served as part of its journey. Despite the fabric's Asian origins, we've found that the Batik is often perceived to be an exclusively African garment — an opinion that reinforces the dearth of Asian (namely, South and Southeast Asian) history in the Occidental world. 


In keeping with the Myles Lorènzo tradition of challenging existing power structures, our second collection Omni aims to explore and understand these intricate roots. With Omni, we hope to do more than just show you how beautiful the Batik is, where it came from, how it grew in each of these places, and what it looks like today.

With Omni, we hope to show you the importance — and the necessity — of unearthing untold narratives and celebrating them the best we can.

Words contributed by Eda Yu