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I'm Myles, a multidisciplinary designer interested in curating visual direction, currently based in San Francisco. For me, design has always been a kind of conversation — a way to communicate with others, whether it be creatively collaborating with a partner or having a visual connection with a passerby. 

Currently, I work at Salesforce as a Senior Product Designer, where I've worked extensively on Visual Design, Branding, and Systematic User Experiences for customers. Through Salesforce, I've also had the opportunity of speaking at an AIGA-sponsored talk and a S.F. Design Week event. I'm also co-founder of Myles Lorènzo, a clothing brand that explores historically erased narratives and structuralism. 

In my future pursuits, I'm looking to make work that connects with others on deeply creative, emotional levels. I hope to create pieces that intermingle philosophy, psychology, human experience, and art to communicate a message — to make work that inspires conversation and instills connection in those who come into contact with it. 

For me, design has always been a crucial part of bringing people together.

Let's start the conversation. 

Get in touch at mylesthompsoncreative@gmail.com.

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